Curly hair hacks


Curls don’t always have to be a struggle… Here’s a few ways how to manage them:

For some popping curls, put your hair in a super-high and loose ponytail before you hit the bed. This technique gets it’s name from how your high and loose pony should look when on your head. You may look silly going to bed, but you’ll wake up with naturally gorgeous curls.

This is also known as co-washing, or washing your hair without shampoo. Curly hair is usually dry and shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils. Use apple cider vinegar to get rid of product build up and excess oil then finish with conditioner. Many girls swear by it!

Brushes can damage your precious , fragile curls, creating frizz and split ends. No one wants that. Instead try wide-tooth combs or your fingers to gently work through knots.

For better curls, don’t rinse out the conditioner that you apply on your hair. Instead, just stand under the water for a few seconds and allow the conditioners to run through your hair as a leave-in cream. This provides a much better texture for hair curls.

Pour your favorite oil such as almond, olive, coconut, and avocado in the bottle of your multipurpose beauty oil. Use this oil for hot oil treatments, conditioners, and scalp massage.

Love your curls… It’s beautiful!


Pimple hacks

So you have a date or an important event coming up… And all of a sudden you get a mini mountain on your face! Yes… A pimple. Here are simple ways to treat this nightmare:

Cloves of Garlic, for some Spice!

Garlic just as it spices up all your dishes so will it spice up your life! You might have heard of the wondrous medicinal values which this imparts, but what better can it be than to become a redeemer for girls. A redeemer of the acne!


2-3 cloves of garlic


Wash your face and pat dry. Extract garlic juice from the garlic and mix with 1 teaspoon of water. Once prepared, soak cotton in the given mixture and apply on the problem spots. Leave it for some time and then rinse it using water.

2. Lemon Juice, (Tasty, eh?)

I’m sure all of you know the refreshing effect of lime. The cool which it brings even in that hot summer sun. Then imagine what it can do to your face, it can rejuvenate it or rather breathe a new life into it. It contains a natural astringent which dries out acne, as well as has antibacterial compounds that fight acne-producing bacteria.


Well, just Lemon Juice!


Wash your face with water and pat dry. Squeeze the lime and extract 1 tablespoon fresh juice. Apply on the affected area and keep it for some time. Rinse off with water.

3. Aloe Vera

It is one of the oldest ways to treat acne, “old is gold”. It has many properties which our body needs to function properly by strengthening the human immune system. It has anti-bacterial properties which makes it useful for the cure of acne.


Oh come on, you don’t need anything but some Aloe Vera!


Directly apply the Aloe Vera gel to the affected area after washing your face. Rinse your face after some time.

4. Papaya

Papaya has been used for centuries to get that flawless looking skin. Now, know the reason for your grand-moms skin’s glow? It has an exfoliation capability that throws away dead skin cells and clears the way for healthy unclogged skin. Papain, an enzyme found in papaya has been found effective in reducing inflammation and generate smooth, soft skin.


Seriously? That question again? Just get some Papaya!


Rinse face and pat dry it. Mash the flesh of papaya after removing the seeds and outer cover. Blend it to make a thick paste of it. Apply on the face for 15-20 mins and then rinse completely using warm water.

5. Baking Soda

Sodium Bicarbonate may sound like a chemical but isn’t as dangerous and can be found easily in your kitchen shelf. It is a spot cure for acne as it dries out pimples and removes excess oil from the skin. This has been a proved effective measure to remove acne.


Baking Soda
Directions? Here we go:

Rinse your face. Mix equal amounts of water and baking soda. Apply the paste on the affected areas in circular motion of hands. Leave it for 20 minutes. After this, rinse it off using water.

6. Banana Peel

Oh, I know this might be the most messy thing of all but this works miracles for sure. Not many know about the great works which this simple banana peel has on your face to aid in its beautification.

What do you need?

Just some Banana Peel!


Rinse your face. Get some bananas as we need their peels. Make sure, you don’t waste them. Eat the bananas, trust me they are good for health and skin. Take the peel and rub it on your face, when rubbed all over your face leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse it off. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

7. Water

Well, don’t think, “it’s just water.” This might prove to be the most effective way to remove all those spots the most natural way. Coming to the scientific aspect of wonders of water, let me tell you, when your kidneys are overloaded with toxins your body will expel them out through your skin. But, if water intake is continuous and in ample amount, water will flush out these toxins and help you get clearer and better skin.

Contents? Oh come on!

You’ll be needing H20 pal. Water!


Drink early morning some glasses of water and make sure in a day you cross at least the 6 glass mark of water. Okay, there is nothing like six glasses of water will turn you into Miss Universe but water has its own purifying effect and so you should really drink as much amount of water as possible for you. You will for sure get super results.

These are just some factors which will aid you to retain that beauty from outside.

How to cram successfully

It’s the night before a big test and you NEED to get your cram on because you didn’t start studying earlier…. Here’s 10 steps to cram successfully:

1. Get Away

Studying in your dorm, apartment, or whatever you have can be incredibly distracting. Grab the bare minimum (books, iPod, notebooks, computer only if you need it) and head somewhere else. Make sure you find somewhere where you can really set up shop, and not have to move for a while.

2. Caffeine!!

I know, everyone talks about how bad caffeine and sugar are for you, and it’s true. But let’s face it: your bodily cleansing, for this one evening, needs to take a backseat. Do whatever you need to do to stay alert and awake; nodding off while reading isn’t very helpful.

3. Use the 50/10 rule

This is one of my favorite methods of studying, because it keeps me incredibly focused. Work- hard- for 50 minutes. No breaks, no distractions. Anytime you get distracted and stop working, the 50 minutes starts over. Once you hit 50, take a 10 minute break. Training yourself this way forces you to study hard 80% of the time, instead of half-studying all the time- it’s much more effective.

4. Rewrite

Though this tip doesn’t work for everyone, it’s still a good one. Rewrite your notes into smaller pieces. Eliminate the filler, and whittle down your notes from every class or reading into a specific portion- a page, or 1/2 a page. This forces you to figure out what’s really important, plus, you’ll be amazed at how much you learn simply by writing.

5. Study with a friend

Odds are, you’re not the only one who put off studying until the last minute. Find someone else to panic with, and you’ll be rewarded in two ways: you’ll realize how much you already know by asking and answering questions, and you’ll figure out what you need to study.
6. Figure out the Big Points

Given that you’re studying the night before the test, odds are you’re not going to remember every minute detail of the material you’ve learned. That’s okay. Instead, spend your time focusing on major concepts, the 5-10 things you’ve talked about the most and need to know the most about for the test. You’ll learn more about the connections between topics, as well as be able to answer more questions intelligently.

7. Chunk

Try remembering these ten numbers: 9-1-4-6-5-7-3-2-4-1. Not so easy? Now try remembering this phone number: 914-657-3241. Much easier, right? That’s a process known as chunking, which can help you retain information at a much higher rate. To study with this method, follow a simple process: Come up with important terms you need to know for the test, and define them. Come up with a few major concepts from the course material, and explain them each in a paragraph. Then, on a notecard or piece of paper, group your terms into the concepts. Practice going over a concept, and remembering the relevant terms and definitions. Learning the individual parts as they relate to a larger whole makes remembering and applying them much easier.

8. Study out of Order

Most people study by reading their notes over and over again. This, believe it or not, really isn’t a helpful way of studying. Your brain doesn’t work in perfect order all the time, and neither should you. Instead, read your notes through consecutively only once. Then, randomly go back and read days’ notes, in no order whatsoever. This helps your brain remember the information on its own, instead of simply as a part in a series.

9. Study Out Loud

Read your notes out loud. Whisper, yell, sing, rap, whatever- say your notes out loud. I can’t overstate how much easier it is to remember something you say, hear and read than something you simply read. By speaking out loud, you give your brain three stimuli to remember the material instead of just one. Your retention skyrockets as you talk, because you’re forced to concentrate on the material. Don’t study in your head- study aloud!

10. Sleep!

This is literally the single most important thing you can do the night before a test. Studies have shown that you both remember incredibly more after 6 hours of sleep, and you perform terribly in pressurized situations without much sleep. This is a difficult thing to do, because, as I mentioned above, your instincts and caffeine will tell you to stay awake. Any sleep at all you can get is a crucial part of succeeding on a test, and the more the better. Balance caffeine with getting to bed at some point, and once you get in bed, forget about the test. Think actively about something peaceful, so nothing else enters your mind, and you’ll nod right off.

Good Luck!

Final exam hacks

So exams are coming up…

Yes I know you’re stressed… So am I 😂 But here are a few tips to make the process a bit easier:

• Study in 15-30 minute intervals

•Alternate where you study (I have no idea why that helps… Just trust the experts!)

• Listen to non lyrical music

• Attend study groups/extra lessons

• Exercise when you’re taking a break

• Make a studying schedule

• Don’t study the night before the test!!!